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Microwave chestnut ripening sterilization equipment


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Microwave chestnut ripening sterilization equipment

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Overview: Chestnut (scientific name: Castanea mollissima), also known as chestnut, chestnut, chestnut, wind wax, is a plant of the genus Chestnut, native to China, distributed in Vietnam, Taiwan and mainland China.
Microwave sterilization features:
1, short time, fast
Conventional thermal drying sterilization transfers heat from the surface of the object to the inside through heat conduction, convection or radiation. It often takes a long time for the inside of the object to reach the desired dryness and sterilization temperature. The medium consists of polar molecules and non-polar molecules. Under the action of electromagnetic fields, these polar molecules are shifted from the original random distribution state to the polarity according to the polarity of the electric field. Under the action of high-frequency electromagnetic fields, these orientations are constantly changing according to the frequency of the alternating electromagnetic, which causes the molecules to move and rub each other to generate heat. At this time, the field energy of the alternating electric field is converted into thermal energy in the medium, so that the temperature of the medium is continuously increased, so the microwave heating is the dielectric material itself depleting the electric field energy and generating heat. Therefore, the microwave heating treatment time is greatly shortened, and under a certain power density intensity, generally only a few tens of seconds and a few minutes can achieve satisfactory results.
2, low temperature drying sterilization to maintain nutrients
Microwave has the thermal effect of rapid heating and non-thermal effect double sterilization, compared with conventional thermal drying, sterilization can achieve the desired drying and sterilization effect at relatively low temperature and short time. The general sterilization temperature is 65-70 ° C, 75-80 ° C or 103-121 ° C, the time is 3-8 minutes, and can retain more nutrients and color, fragrance, taste, shape and other flavors. For example, the vitamin C retained by conventional heat treatment of vegetables is 46-50%. In contrast, microwave treatment can achieve 60-90% of vitamin C retention, and conventional heating method has a vitamin A retention value of 58%. Microwave heating can reach 84%.
3. Economical machinery
The microwave energy conversion efficiency is high, generally above 70%. The microwave directly treats the food, and the heating box itself is not heated, so there is no additional heat energy loss, so energy saving, generally saving 30-50%.
4, even and thorough
Conventional thermal drying and sterilization are started from the surface of the material and then transferred to the inside of the material by heat conduction. There is a temperature difference between the inside and outside of the material, and the internal and external drying and sterilization effects are poor. In order to maintain the flavor and shorten the processing time, the internal temperature is not sufficient to affect the drying and sterilization effects. This phenomenon can be improved by increasing the processing temperature, however, this causes the color, fragrance, taste, shape and the like of the surface of the article to be degraded. The microwave has the penetrating property, and the surface and the interior simultaneously act to ensure that the internal and external temperatures together achieve the required value, so the drying and sterilization are uniform and thorough.
Microwave chestnut ripening equipment is suitable for all kinds of nuts. The nuts include peanut, sunflower, walnut, chestnut, almond, pumpkin, watermelon, cashew, pine nuts, pistachio, ginkgo, lotus seeds and other drying sterilization.
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