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Food microwave sterilization machine


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Food microwave sterilization machine

Food microwave sterilization machine, microwave sterilization machine, microwave sterilization machine is mainly used for: packaging food, powder food, puffed food, seafood, agricultural products, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, etc., microwave sterilization machine has a fast sterilization speed, while heating inside and outside, heating Uniform, good sterilization effect, good quality and so on.
The food microwave sterilization machine uses mechanical equipment, the temperature can be controlled to prevent the temperature from being too high, and the food can be blackened. The microwave sterilization machine can simultaneously heat the food inside and outside, avoiding the food outside the food sterilization equipment. The inside of the coke is still not dry. The drying time of the microwave for food drying is generally 8-10 minutes. The drying and sterilization speed of the device is fast, the original color can be maintained, the quality of the food can be better maintained, and the food does not need to be dry after drying. Its sterilization, microwave drying itself has been sterilized, the microwave itself has a sterilization function.
Compared with traditional sterilization methods, microwave sterilization has the advantages of microwave sterilization:
1. Under the same sterilization temperature, the required sterilization time is short, and under the same sterilization conditions, the temperature of the bacteria is relatively low.
2. It can simultaneously sterilize the sterilized materials at the same time. Greatly shorten the sterilization cycle and ensure the consistency of the sterilization process.
Process characteristics of microwave sterilization principle:
Microwave sterilization is the same as microwave heating and microwave drying. Since microwave energy can be transmitted into the material, the material is also processed as a whole during microwave sterilization. Compared with conventional heat sterilization, the performance of the microwave sterilizer has the following simultaneity:
1. Simultaneous sterilisation of all parts of the material: that is, whether it is on the surface of the material or other parts of the material. (including the inside of the material) can be sterilized at the same time. The simultaneity of the various parts of the sterilization is very beneficial for the sterilization and preservation of thick materials such as bread, moon cakes and the like in food.
2. Simultaneous bactericidal time. It can guarantee the consistency of the material sterilization process conditions without lag.
Guangzhou Zhiya is the top microwave equipment company in South China. It has been focusing on food microwave sterilization machine, microwave sterilization machine, microwave sterilization machine and microwave drying equipment for 15 years. The products have passed ISO9001 quality system certification and 100 best low carbon products. China's energy-saving and emission-reducing quality products, Guangzhou private technology companies and many other domestic and international certification, South China's most powerful microwave drying equipment manufacturing R & D enterprises. Asian Games, Universiade, High Speed ​​Rail and Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center Integrity Microwave Equipment Designated Service Provider!
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1. Equipment brand: Zhiya microwave
2, product model: ZY-30HM food microwave sterilization machine
3, input power: three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1%
4, microwave output power: 30KW (adjustable)
5, microwave frequency: 2450MHz ± 50Hz
6, microwave temperature: 0-150 ° C (adjustable and controllable)
7. Rated input apparent power: ≤35KW
8, the height of the inlet and outlet: 50mm (customized according to customer's actual requirements)
9, transmission speed: 0.1 ~ 10m / min
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