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Microwave soy bean baking equipment


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Microwave soy bean baking equipment

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Soybean (scientific name: Glycine max (L.) Merr) is commonly known as soybean. Soybean is a food crop rich in protein. It is widely used. The tofu that we often eat and the soy milk that we drink often are processed. Soybeans must be dried before storage and deep processing, otherwise mildew or insects will occur. Soy dryer is one of our company's main products. It is a machine specially used for drying and dewatering soybeans. Compared with other similar products on the market, our soybean dryer is energy-saving. Good effect and long working life.
Microwave soybean bean baking equipment technical parameters:
1, equipment model: ZY-20HM (continuous)
2, the whole machine power: 30KVA
3, microwave power: 20KW (adjustable)
4, equipment size (length × width × height): 8120 × 1362 × 1750mm
5, baking temperature: 0 ~ 180 ° C (adjustable)
6, conveyor belt width: 750mm
7, equipment capacity: 70 ~ 100 kg / hour
8. Uses: It is mainly used for baking, curing and puffing processing of soybeans, peanuts, red beans, black beans, rice, walnuts, melon seeds and almonds.
The microwave baking equipment uses the heated material itself as a heating element. The baking effect of the microwave can be instantaneously penetrated into the interior of the material, so that the inside and outside of the material are simultaneously heated, and no heat conduction process is required, so the temperature rise is extremely fast, and the heating time is greatly shortened. The time is generally about 1/4 of the conventional method. Bake, like other food processing, is a complex physicochemical system that needs to be ordered and has the right time/temperature conditions. Rapid microwave heating can cause breakage, excessive expansion or explosion of the baked product. The microwave heating speed is fast, and the gas (air) temperature inside the material rises sharply. Due to the slow mass transfer rate, the heated gas is in a highly pressurized state, and there is a tendency to expand. When a certain pressure is reached, the material will expand.
Features of microwave low temperature baking equipment:
1. High energy conversion efficiency and fast heating speed. The microwave oven itself does not generate heat, but the microwave energy penetrates the material, causing the polar molecules in the material to rub against each other to generate heat. Therefore there is no energy loss.
2, the effect of puffing is obvious. The rapid heating effect of the microwave makes the water molecules inside the material vaporize rapidly and achieve the purpose of puffing.
3, low temperature sterilization, less loss of nutrients. Microwave sterilization is carried out under the dual effects of thermal and non-thermal effects of microwaves, and satisfactory sterilization can be obtained at a lower temperature and in a shorter period of time than conventional temperature sterilization.
4, easy to use and operate. Microwave power and conveyor speed can be adjusted steplessly, without thermal inertia, can be opened and stopped, easy to control.
Microwave soybean low-temperature baking equipment is suitable for processing, baking, puffing, drying, sterilizing and curing of bean products, such as: chickpeas, cowpeas, black beans, broad beans, peas, kidney beans, red beans, mung beans, red bean products and miscellaneous food products. Etc. applications.
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