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Rose Flower Microwave Vacuum Dryer


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Rose Flower Microwave Vacuum Dryer

product description
The rose flower microwave vacuum dryer uses microwave radiation heating characteristics to enable uniform heating and drying from the inside to the outside during the drying process of the rose, and the power of the microwave rose drying system is properly set. Effectively avoiding the zoom of the rose flowers; microwave drying is non-contact "stirring" drying, thus avoiding the phenomenon of blade breakage in the traditional stir-frying process, so that the quality of the finished rose tea is better. In the whole drying process, the time required for the traditional stir-frying process is shorter, and the rose flower microwave dryer can achieve the ideal drying effect in just a few minutes, greatly improving the production capacity to meet The growing demand for people. After repeated testing by our company and the user's use certificate, the rose tea that has been dried by microwave vacuum is better in taste, bright in color and considerable in shape. The microwave drying and drying rose flowers also have the bactericidal function of the sterilization equipment, which provides a new way for the improvement of the taste of the rose tea.
Rose flower (scientific name: Rosa chinensis Jacq.), known as the Queen of Flowers, also known as "Moon Moon Red", is an evergreen, semi-evergreen low shrub, flowering in all seasons, generally red, or pink, occasionally white And yellow, can be used as an ornamental plant, but also as a medicinal plant, also known as the rose. There are three natural varieties, modern rose flowers are diverse, with single and double petals, as well as high-heart curling and other beautiful patterns; its colorful and rich, not only red, pink, white and other monochrome, but also mixed colors , silver edge and other varieties; most varieties have aroma. There are many varieties of Chinese rose, there are nearly 10,000 species in the world, and there are more than a thousand species in China. China is one of the origins of the Chinese rose. The rose is beautiful and beautiful, and it is often opened at four o'clock. It is loved by people. 52 cities in China selected him as a city flower. In May 1985, he was named one of China's top ten famous flowers.
Microwave's successful research and development of the refreshing and drying technology of rose tea is not only a technological advancement, but also a complete subversion of the traditional rose tea stir-drying mode. It is a renewal of traditional technology, which makes rose tea, honeysuckle, rose, chrysanthemum, etc. The production of all kinds of flower tea has become simpler, faster and more precise. In the future production process of flower tea or other tea leaves, microwave drying technology will play an irreplaceable role.
As a manufacturer of rose flower vacuum dryers, our company's rosette microwave vacuum drying equipment is made of stainless steel, which is in line with national QS certification. The vacuum degree is intelligently adjusted. The drying power can be adjusted according to the drying process, and the drying temperature can be adjusted online.
Application field
Rose flower microwave vacuum dryer can also be used for quick killing, drying and dehydration of small chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, safflower, rose, gardenia, golden flower, lavender, jasmine and other flower tea products.
product price
This microwave equipment is non-standard, and the price will vary depending on the material and power. To find out the price, consult an online engineer immediately.
Customer case


Shandong Duoyunqing Agricultural Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, mainly engaged in the research and breeding, organic planting, fine processing, packaging and sales of Jiaxiang traditional chrysanthemum tea.
The company's procurement of vacuum dryer manufacturers Zhiya company's microwave equipment is mainly used for chrysanthemum killing, drying, insecticide.
After sales service
1. Quality assurance system:
According to the national GB10436-89 mandatory requirements: microwave leakage ≤ 5mw / cm2, our company microwave leakage guarantee ≤ 2mw / cm2.
2. Quality warranty period:
The free shelf life of Zhiya microwave equipment is 12 months from the date of completion of the equipment manufacturing and passing the commissioning. After the expiration, the whole service will be tracked.
3. Service commitment:
□ During the installation of the equipment, the staff will be assisted free of charge.
□ On-site commissioning: After the equipment is installed, if the peripheral conditions such as water and electricity are already available, it is responsible for dispatching the equipment to debug the equipment to achieve the best operating condition.
□ Operational training: On-site training of microwave equipment operation and technical training and basic maintenance operations. During the warranty period, irregular monthly return visits will prevent and eliminate potential hazards.
□ Emergency services: After receiving emergency service requests from users, the company has a special sales and service center to provide 24-hour service for customers. Service objectives: prompt and timely, warm and thoughtful. After receiving the repair call, the customer responded within 12 hours according to the customer's address and arrived at the scene within 48 hours. Regular accessories are available within 24 hours and special accessories are available within 48 hours.
□ Regular service: 100% return visit rate for customers beyond the warranty period, 100% petition and telephone access rate, and product lifetime tracking service.
4. Status of spare parts:
The factory has ample spare parts and spare parts, which can provide users with pure quality and uniform price. Spare parts are provided at random.
5. Training plan:
There is a user training base in the factory, and there are training materials prepared by professionals, free training and free consultation. Theoretical training content: basic knowledge of microwave equipment operation; microwave equipment structure and system knowledge; cooling waterway oil circuit management; electrical basic knowledge; microwave equipment operation and maintenance knowledge.
On-site training content: structure description of main equipment, operational performance introduction, specific operation procedure exercises, maintenance and repair procedure exercises, on-site training to enable the user's operators to operate independently and handle simple faults. Microwave equipment operators technical training courses are held regularly every year.
Fixed service hotline:
020-39232099 39232082 39232083
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1. Equipment model: ZY-75HM
2. Total power supply: three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10%
3. Microwave output power: ≥75KW
4. Microwave frequency: 2450MHZ
5. Dehydration rate: 30 kg / hour
6. Sterilization temperature 60-90 degrees (adjustable and controllable)
7. Transmission speed: 0.5-5 m / min, continuously adjustable
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