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Microwave tea killing vacuum drying equipment


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Microwave tea killing vacuum drying equipment

product description
Microwave tea blasting vacuum drying equipment is a new technology for the use of microwave energy to kill and dry tea. The principle is: the use of rapid heating to passivate the active oxidase of fresh leaves, inhibit tea polyphenols in fresh leaves The enzyme accelerates the oxidation to prevent serious color change during the subsequent drying process, and at the same time volatilizes the fresh grass's sedge, so that the tea fragrance is formed better.
It has been proved by practice that the tea made by the microwave killing vacuum machine has the characteristics of color, soup color and aroma. They are better than traditional production, and have obvious improvement in sterilization and shelf time, which is convenient for storage and popular with consumers in the market. Therefore, microwave tea making equipment is another revolution in tea making machinery, another leap, is a tea maker, improving product quality to build a brand, enhancing market visibility and competitiveness, creating a green environment that is the first choice for pollution-free, environmentally friendly companies. Production equipment.
Microwave tea killing vacuum drying equipment features:
1. Fast speed and good quality: The tea is directly affected by the microwave energy and the whole body is self-heating, which is usually completed in about 3-5 minutes. The aroma of tea made with microwave greening can ensure the natural stretch of the leaves, the color is more green, the aroma is pleasant, and the quality of the tea is obviously improved.
2. Uniform temperature and good vapor permeability: During the process of killing, the cylinder rotates continuously, so that the tea leaves are constantly flipped and picked up while being heated by the microwave, and the heating is uniform, and the vapor permeability is good, so as to avoid the conveyor belt type microwave equipment killing, The leaves overlap each other, and the water evaporated by the tea leaves cannot be immediately discharged, and the vapor permeability is not good for the unevenness of the greening.
3. High degree of automation and simple operation: The equipment is equipped with image monitoring and time control. It only needs to set the killing time, and the equipment will automatically stop working.
Application field
Applicable to: tea, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, rose, flowers and other agricultural products to kill, the effect of killing is remarkable, the product color, shape and aroma are all good.
product price
This microwave equipment is non-standard, and the price will vary depending on the material and power. To find out the price, consult an online engineer immediately.
Customer case
Shandong Sheung Shui Agriculture
Shandong Shangshui Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shangshui Yinhua Group. It is a leading agricultural industrialization enterprise in Shandong Province and a leader in organic agricultural enterprises. It is the first joint-stock company listed in the Qilu Equity Custody Trading Center. Sheshui plans to build the country's largest organic honeysuckle production base in the next three years. The company now has more than 13,000 mu of land for circulation and more than 100,000 mu of forest land for planting organic honeysuckle. The company is an agricultural science and technology demonstration enterprise recognized by China Agricultural University. The honeysuckle planting base is a provincial agricultural tourism demonstration site in Shandong Province and an urban agricultural demonstration park in Zibo City. 'Boshan Honeysuckle' was recognized as a national geographical indication certification mark by the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.
Hunan Dasanxiang
Hunan Dasanxiang - a new type of agricultural high-tech enterprise focusing on the tea oil industry, with total assets exceeding 500 million yuan. From the seedling cultivation, planting, process research and development, crushing production of oil tea and the intensive processing of oil tea related products to the establishment of terminal sales channels. At present, it has a high standard oil tea demonstration planting base of 40,000 mu, with a company + cooperative + farmer's organic oil tea base of 360,000 mu.
Red health
Red health is Ningxia fruitless bud tea, and fruitless bud tea is a tea shooter who takes 6-8 cm of buds from the tree and separates the excess parts according to the standard of one heart and two leaves. After 7 steps (cleaning, killing, licking) , high-quality excellent health drinks carefully produced, first baked, fried tea, fragrant, packaging. Red Health is a tea for human health produced by Ningxia Aoya Food Technology Co., Ltd. In 2014, our company cooperated with Ningxia Aoya Food Co., Ltd., using the bud bud drying and killing equipment developed by our company.
After sales service
1. Quality assurance system:
According to the national GB10436-89 mandatory requirements: microwave leakage ≤ 5mw / cm2, our company microwave leakage guarantee ≤ 2mw / cm2.
2. Quality warranty period:
The free shelf life of Zhiya microwave equipment is 12 months from the date of completion of the equipment manufacturing and passing the commissioning. After the expiration, the whole service will be tracked.
3. Service commitment:
□ During the installation of the equipment, the staff will be assisted free of charge.
□ On-site commissioning: After the equipment is installed, if the peripheral conditions such as water and electricity are already available, it is responsible for dispatching the equipment to debug the equipment to achieve the best operating condition.
□ Operational training: On-site training of microwave equipment operation and technical training and basic maintenance operations. During the warranty period, irregular monthly return visits will prevent and eliminate potential hazards.
□ Emergency services: After receiving emergency service requests from users, the company has a special sales and service center to provide 24-hour service for customers. Service objectives: prompt and timely, warm and thoughtful. After receiving the repair call, the customer responded within 12 hours according to the customer's address and arrived at the scene within 48 hours. Regular accessories are available within 24 hours and special accessories are available within 48 hours.
□ Regular service: 100% return visit rate for customers beyond the warranty period, 100% petition and telephone access rate, and product lifetime tracking service.
4. Status of spare parts:
The factory has ample spare parts and spare parts, which can provide users with pure quality and uniform price. Spare parts are provided at random.
5. Training plan:
There is a user training base in the factory, and there are training materials prepared by professionals, free training and free consultation. Theoretical training content: basic knowledge of microwave equipment operation; microwave equipment structure and system knowledge; cooling waterway oil circuit management; electrical basic knowledge; microwave equipment operation and maintenance knowledge.
On-site training content: structure description of main equipment, operational performance introduction, specific operation procedure exercises, maintenance and repair procedure exercises, on-site training to enable the user's operators to operate independently and handle simple faults. Microwave equipment operators technical training courses are held regularly every year.
Fixed service hotline:
020-39232099 39232082 39232083
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Model: ZY-20HM
Power input: three-phase 380±10% 50HZ;
Output microwave power: 20KW (power adjustable)
Input power: 30KW
Frequency: 2450MHz ± 50MHz
Dehydration efficiency: 20 kg / hour
Killing efficiency: 180-200 kg / hour
Microwave leakage: in line with national GB10436-89 standard ≤ 5mw/cm2,Meet GB5226 electrical safety standards
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