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Microwave wood vacuum drying equipment


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Microwave wood vacuum drying equipment

Fresh wood contains a lot of water, and the water will evaporate under certain circumstances. The natural evaporation of water can cause defects such as shrinkage, cracking, bending deformation, mildew, etc., which seriously affect the quality of wood products. Therefore, wood must be subjected to forced (controlled) drying before being made into various types of wood products. The microwave wood vacuum drying equipment produced by our company has solved this problem for you.
Microwave wood vacuum drying equipment features:
1, high productivity
The wood drying process is carried out under different vacuum conditions. The working temperature is between 50 °C and 60 °C. The moisture content inside the wood will be evaporated evenly and continuously. The drying time is only 1/3 of the conventional drying time, especially for Difficult to dry hard wood or thicker boards, drying efficiency is more prominent.
2, good drying quality
Due to the application of vacuum technology and the use of advanced drying technology, the wood after drying has little deformation and no cracking and other defects, which is unmatched by conventional drying methods, and the drying is more thorough, and the final water content can reach 9-12. %.
3, energy saving effect is obvious Because the working temperature is lower, and the drying time is short, the energy consumption of the equipment is greatly reduced.
4. The device structure is simple and easy to operate.
Today, when the competition in the timber industry is so fierce, choosing a good drying equipment is your wise choice. He will make a big return with a small investment. You are welcome to inquire and come to visit.
Partial application customer case
〖Laogen Family Home Co., Ltd.〗
Jianye Laogen Shijia Home Furnishing Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in root carving flower baskets; solid wood furniture; various handicrafts; root carving fruit bowl; living room furniture; root carving screen; root carving tea table; cabinet furniture; root carving crafts; bedroom furniture.
〖Guangzhou Haicheng Decoration Hardware Co., Ltd.〗
Guangzhou Haicheng Decoration Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of advanced hardware products. The company's products are sold in all major domestic and small cities, and have been recognized by many companies at home and abroad. The Chinese restaurant's metal dining table and dining chair developed by the company, "Zhaofenghao" brand series of high-grade aluminum alloy door products, is also listed as a designated product of the metal table and chair and aluminum alloy door of the KFC fast food restaurant in China.
Zhengda Mingyijia Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive production enterprise integrating development, design, production, sales and service. After years of continuous development, it has accumulated abundant strength and brought together a large number of excellent management backbones and skilled craftsmen. An art craftsman combining Chinese and Qing. The Ming-style classical furniture produced by the company is exquisite in craftsmanship and has become the first choice for the collectors' collection. The products are exported to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and all over the country.
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