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Prickly pear microwave vacuum drying equipment


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Prickly pear microwave vacuum drying equipment

product description
The microwave vacuum drying equipment of thorn pear produced by Zhiya Microwave Equipment Co., Ltd. is adjusted by simple process and can also be used as a sterilization equipment for thorn pear juice, thorn pear fruit cream, thorn pear jam and thorn pear sherbet.
The thorn pear is a thorn-baked fruit, which is the fruit of the sage flower of the genus Rosaceae. It is also known as the pear and the wooden pear. It is an extremely rare fruit. It is all cyan when it is immature. It is yellow after ripening, and its color is bright. Stinging, a bit sour when eating, the overall taste is better, there are wild thorn pears in Guizhou, the fruit is rich in vitamin C inside, known as "the king of vitamin C" belongs to the development of shrubs, high only 1- About 2m, the leaves and fruits have thorns, and the fruit is generally about 3cm in diameter. It is a nutritious fruit for nourishing fitness. It can be used for raw food, fruit juice, fruit wine, soda, fruit paste, jam, sherbet, preserved fruit, etc.
Because the pear is rich in vitamin C and needs to be dried at a low temperature, the microwave produced by our company solves this problem well. The microwave vacuum drying equipment can dry the pear at 50-60 degrees.
Our company's newly researched thorn pear microwave vacuum drying equipment, in addition to maintaining the original drying principle, has also added a lot of new technology to make the drying of thorn pear more thorough, drying effect is better, more time-saving . The characteristics of the finished product after drying are good, so that your dried pears are favored by customers.
Application field
It is suitable for drying and sterilization of mangosteen, longan, candied dates, apple, pineapple, citrus, kiwi and raisins.
product price
This microwave equipment is non-standard, and the price will vary depending on the material and power. To find out the price, consult an online engineer immediately.
Customer case
Buying Ada West is a group of ungraduated students who have vowed to be the name of Xinjiang cuisine for their love of Xinjiang. In just half a year, they have opened up the sales network of cutting cake stores and become the legend of contemporary college students. On June 15th, 2014, “Buyati Ada Xiqie Cake” officially signed the BBK Online Mall, becoming the first national specialty food merchant to settle in, so that consumers can buy authentic “Buyati Ada Xiqi Cake”. ". Nowadays, the output of cut cake has increased from 0.5 tons to 3 tons per day. Now, the daily sales of cakes are around 100,000 yuan, which is still in short supply.
In 2014, the company bought the cutting microwave sterilization equipment of our company. The equipment used microwave to cut the cake effectively, and the cut cake after sterilization can reach the export index.
Founded in the early 1990s, Guangzhou Ri Ri Xiang Food Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, application, production and sales. It is also one of the earliest companies in China to produce flavors, flavors and condiments. It is located in Dongxing Industrial Zone, Panyu, Guangzhou. “Protecting food safety, ensuring product quality, and building a harmonious society” is the core of quality management of Guangzhou Rishengxiang Food Co., Ltd. For this purpose, the company has set up a comprehensive quality management center, and Rizhao has passed ISO220002005 (certificate number: 001FSMS1301167) ), HACCP (certificate number: 001HACCP1300597), compound seasoning QS (certificate number: QS440103070640), food additive QS (Yue XK13-217-00009) and seasoning export food hygiene certificate (record number: 4400/17105) and other certifications .
After sales service
1. Quality assurance system:
According to the national GB10436-89 mandatory requirements: microwave leakage ≤ 5mw / cm2, our company microwave leakage guarantee ≤ 2mw / cm2.
2. Quality warranty period:
The free shelf life of Zhiya microwave equipment is 12 months from the date of completion of the equipment manufacturing and passing the commissioning. After the expiration, the whole service will be tracked.
3. Service commitment:
□ During the installation of the equipment, the staff will be assisted free of charge.
□ On-site commissioning: After the equipment is installed, if the peripheral conditions such as water and electricity are already available, it is responsible for dispatching the equipment to debug the equipment to achieve the best operating condition.
□ Operational training: On-site training of microwave equipment operation and technical training and basic maintenance operations. During the warranty period, irregular monthly return visits will prevent and eliminate potential hazards.
□ Emergency services: After receiving emergency service requests from users, the company has a special sales and service center to provide 24-hour service for customers. Service objectives: prompt and timely, warm and thoughtful. After receiving the repair call, the customer responded within 12 hours according to the customer's address and arrived at the scene within 48 hours. Regular accessories are available within 24 hours and special accessories are available within 48 hours.
□ Regular service: 100% return visit rate for customers beyond the warranty period, 100% petition and telephone access rate, and product lifetime tracking service.
4. Status of spare parts:
The factory has ample spare parts and spare parts, which can provide users with pure quality and uniform price. Spare parts are provided at random.
5. Training plan:
There is a user training base in the factory, and there are training materials prepared by professionals, free training and free consultation. Theoretical training content: basic knowledge of microwave equipment operation; microwave equipment structure and system knowledge; cooling waterway oil circuit management; electrical basic knowledge; microwave equipment operation and maintenance knowledge.
On-site training content: structure description of main equipment, operational performance introduction, specific operation procedure exercises, maintenance and repair procedure exercises, on-site training to enable the user's operators to operate independently and handle simple faults. Microwave equipment operators technical training courses are held regularly every year.
Fixed service hotline:
020-39232099 39232082 39232083
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1. Input power: three-phase five-wire 380V±10% 50Hz±1%
2. Microwave output power: 30kW (adjustable)
3, microwave frequency: 2450MHz ± 50Hz
4, rated input apparent power: ≤ 45kVA
5, the height of the inlet and outlet: 50mm
6, conveyor belt width: 650mm
7, transmission speed: 0.1 ~ 5m / min
8, working environment: 0 ~ 40 ° C, relative humidity ≤ 80%
9, microwave dryer production: dry dehydration 30kg per hour
10, in line with GB 10436-1989 workplace microwave radiation health standards
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