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Microwave vacuum drying equipment


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Microwave vacuum drying equipment

Microwave vacuum drying equipment overview:
Microwave vacuum drying equipment is a new type of microwave energy application equipment combining microwave energy technology and vacuum technology. It has a series of advantages of microwave and vacuum drying, and overcomes the shortcomings of conventional vacuum drying cycle and low efficiency. In the drying process, the work efficiency can be improved by 4 to 10 times compared with the conventional method. In conventional vacuum drying, air convection heat transfer is difficult under vacuum conditions, and heat is supplied to the material by means of heat conduction. The heat transfer rate is slow, the efficiency is low, and the temperature control is difficult. Microwave heating is an electromagnetic wave heating. The microwave directly acts on the material to be heated at the same time inside and outside. It does not need to transfer heat through convection or conduction, so the heating speed is fast, the drying efficiency is high, and the temperature control is easy.
Microwave vacuum drying equipment parameters:
Model: ZY-50HM
Microwave total input power: 50KVA
Input power: three-phase five-wire 380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 1%
Microwave frequency: 2450±50MHz
Microwave output power: 30KW (segment adjustable)
Equipment dimensions (length × width × height): 4000 × 2184 × 2000mm
Microwave vacuum drying equipment principle:
The principle of microwave vacuum drying equipment is to change the boiling point of water by using pressure change, evaporate the point, put the dried material into a relatively vacuum environment and dry it, and use vacuum to achieve the effect, while using microwave unique heating method, vacuum state It is difficult to use traditional heat transfer heating because heat transfer requires medium transfer and the heat transfer medium is thin under vacuum. Microwave is an electromagnetic field wave, and there is no need to transfer medium. Microwave heating is simultaneous heating inside and outside the material, and the heating speed is fast.
Microwave vacuum drying equipment features:
1. High efficiency: its production efficiency is 4 times that of conventional drying;
2, good heat distribution: due to the selective heating of water molecules by microwave, the water inside the material is high, from the inside to the outside when heated, consistent with the direction of water diffusion and the temperature difference between inside and outside is small, there will be no uneven distribution of conventional dry heat. ;
3, easy to control: microwave generation vacuum adjustment, etc. can be controlled by PLC programming, externally equipped with a dedicated mirror, you can observe the whole process of drying;
4, good quality: the active ingredients are not easy to decompose and destroy at low temperature, and have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, extending the shelf life;
5. Low temperature and high efficiency: It is known that the gas pressure is lowered and the boiling point of water is simultaneously lowered. For example, at a standard atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 100 ° C, and at 0.073 atmospheres, the boiling point of water is 40 ° C. Under vacuum conditions, heating the object allows the internal moisture of the object to evaporate without temperature rise. Microwave vacuum low temperature drying of heat sensitive materials, drying speed is also much higher than conventional drying, the ratio is generally more than ten or even dozens.
6, improve the quality: dry in a low temperature and oxygen-free environment, more to ensure the quality of the product.
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