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"Zhan Zhao" - purchase Zhiya grain cereal powder sterilization equipment, health food powder sterilization equipment, nutrition


"Zhan Zhao" - purchase Zhiya grain cereal powder sterilization equipment, health food powder sterilization equipment, nutrition

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Jinjiazhuang (Huizhou) Health Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Huizhou Nanxuan Group, Xinyi Enterprise and famous movie star He Jiajin. Headquartered in Huizhou, Jinjiazhuang has a number of branches and production lines in Huizhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Hong Kong. The total investment has exceeded RMB 1 billion. The company is determined to become a domestic whole grain health food advocate!
At present, the products include Gu Lele® Grain Powder, Freshly Grinded Powder Series, “Gu Lele® Quangu Ma Ren Huan, Crispy Small Ma Dou Series”, “Jinjiazhuang® Guyuan Paste Series”, “Jinjiazhuang” ® Organic Meal, Jinjiazhuang® Alternative Tea, and Jinjiazhuang® Grain Cookies. Jinjiazhuang Health Food has been stationed in major cities across the country and is committed to becoming a leading brand in the health and wellness food industry.
The glutinous rice powder sterilization equipment produced by Zhiya Company is used for sesame powder, soy flour, protein powder, corn flour, sorghum powder, glutinous rice flour, glutinous rice flour, pueraria powder, soybean powder, wheat flour, buckwheat flour, red bean powder, millet flour, large Rice flour, mung bean powder, sweet potato powder, yam powder, Chinese medicine decoction powder, nutrient powder, health product powder, whole grain powder sterilization, insecticidal egg mold.
Conventional thermal sterilization is to transfer heat from the surface of the material to the inside through heat conduction, convection or radiation. It takes a long time to reach the sterilization temperature. Microwave sterilization is a direct interaction between microwave energy and microorganisms such as bacteria in the material. The thermal effect and the non-thermal effect work together to achieve rapid heating, and the processing time is greatly shortened. The sterilization time of various materials is generally 3 to 5 minutes, and the sterilization temperature is 70 to 90 degrees. Its characteristics: short time, fast speed. Uniform sterilization, low temperature sterilization, material invariance, maintenance of nutrients and original flavor, energy saving and environmental protection, simple operation, good controllability, advanced technology, automatic feeding, conveyor belt conveying, automatic automated line sterilization, whole grain sterilization Equipment, health products powder sterilization equipment, nutrition powder sterilization equipment business consultation Tel: 1581761111 (WeChat with the same number), Manager Liu.

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